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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can I get a witness?

Over the course of my life I have often felt slightly removed.
Slightly removed from people.
Slightly removed from places.
Slightly removed from things.
Slightly removed from the hear and now.

It has been a life long struggle to remain present and find connection. This may come as a surprise in that I have many wonderful friends and family who mean the world to me. But none-the-less, I am often a specator in my own life. That is until recently.

For what may be the first time in MY ADULT LIFE, I have felt connected to something larger and more meaningful than my next sensory experience. And I own it all to the various volunteers who came together to make Barack Obama our president. Of course his words and demenor are the unifying force, but it is the people. The People. The people who have made me feel alive.

My friend Shannon took a series of photos that have captured the essence of what I have been feeling yet not able to put into words.

A collective moment.

And while I still struggle to put into words what the last one and a half years have meant to me, I know that I am no longer a spectator.
I am a participant.

So I ask: Can I get a witness? I can no longer watch from the sidelines. The game is in play and I am on the field.

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