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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Life in Vietnam part 2. More about surveillance

If you have read my updates and seen my videos, you should be on the verge of asking why would this happen to me. I am going to answer that.

But first, there is something more about the sophistication of the surveillance used in Saigon. Windows 7 and probably other versions of windows have a flaw that can easily be exploited. Active x can be used to redirect windows update to a non microsoft site. With the addition of an active desktop, any malware can be installed on a pc and it will seem like genuine windows. I learned this after my first laptop was hacked and I got a second laptop. I noticed that the names of files were slightly different from my old samsung and the dell I had before that in Korea.

I used a usb to boot my laptop into a mini version of linux that does not use the windows platform. This is all very technical and frankly over my head. The only reason I can begin to talk about it is because I spent almost every night for a month trying to fix my computer. Basically, my computer had been joined to a hidden domain. There were files designed to "callback" to the domain and detail open ports, the locations of key files, network details, encryption types, etc. 

If you don't have a clue what I am saying, it is as if I made a copy of the key to your house, gave it to a would be robber along with a map to where you live, a schedule of when you were away, photos of your most valuable possessions, and treats for you dog (meaning that anti virus software was ineffective because the hack existed deeper than the software could reach.

I am not an angel and am not perfect. I am certain that I have said things in chats and emails to friends that I probably would not want broadcasted to the world. Maybe you have too. Imagine if someone could retain your most private conversations, encrypt them on you computer, upload them at will, etc. 

Ok, I think you understand the complete lack of privacy now. Next up, some people I met who probably were not the best people to trust. Also, stupid things that I have done that further made me a target.
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