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Thursday, April 11, 2013

And So the Sun

The sun sets in the west
some distant place
also my - home
vast flyovers
winding hills
snow filled balleys
wind swept plains
the stagnant decay of 
simple living
we grow fat from
the filler in KFC
and Mickey D's
consume factory made food
with delight
our waists grow
matching the distant
where the sun sets
in the West.

I long to head west
beyond the setting sun

if I am lucky
and fast
Arrival will be as the sun
rises in the East
shining on fileds of soy and rice
watching the glisten of
early morning fishing lines
catching sunrays
wrangling in food
made in nature
true delight
the enduring cycle of 
simple living
test and tuned by
time and tradition
Yes, the sun sets in the west
but rises in the east
finding a beginning in the end
reborn in the 
crimson glow of 
A new day
bittersweet rebirth
perched atop a spinning world
with two distant lands 
that both feel
like home

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