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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As I sit at the desk in my new flat, I am realizing that writing a blog post about events that happened 3 or 4 days ago is kind of hard.  That is to say that I have had so many experience in Korea already that it is hard to focus on one event or set of events and type in a way that is succint.  So, I am just going to provide a short note and some pictures for this post.

On Sunday, me and the rest of the EPIK Additional Orientation folks had a packed day.  We started the morning with a group field trip to the Kyungbokgung Palace and took a tour of the grounds.  To say that this Palace compound was impressive would be such an understatement.

I really enjoyed the feeling I got while looking at the temple built in the middle of the pond.  It was very peaceful.

Kimchi grilled with garlic and onions and Samgupsol (I probably spelled it incorrectly) was on the menu for lunch in Insadong.  This is a very cool shopping and eating district in Seoul.  We wandered into a little BBQ place on a side street.  As we walked through the door we found ourselves strolling down an alley of sorts that had a winding stone courtyard lined with bamboo trees.  The alley opened up to an interior courtyard where the rooms for eating where.  We took off our shoes and sat down for quite a feast.  No pictures.  Sorry.

Watching my life
changing before my eyes
like a summer morning's fog
faded by the rising sun
Land of Calm
has me bursting with joy

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