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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

King Kong

Today was a good day in class.  I taught about 50% of the class and my Korean co teacher handled the rest.  I only had third graders today and the topic was How Many Cows.  We taught them how to count and distinguish animals.  I know you are already bored and want to know why this post is called King Kong.

I only teach classes in the morning.  Twice a week I have an afterschool session for students who need more intensive learning.  There were only 5 students in the session today.  At one point our computer broke down.  I was chatting with the students and getting to know them.  One of them said I look strong and grabbed my bicep.  Before I knew it, I had decided to play King Kong and had one kid dangling from each arm.  How I must appear like a giant to them. 

I am already twice as big as the adult men in terms of mass.  But surprisingly, there are a ton of tall Korean men in Busan.  Some are taller than me.  I expected them all to be short and 130 pounds.  Don't get me wrong; there is a lot of that too.

Ok, no pictures of the kids dangling.  I was using both hands.

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