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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dr. Fish

Here is where you learn a little more about me.  I hate my feet.  I hate when the skin gets dry and cracked.  I hate toenails.  So, as any self respecting man who hates his feet does, I occasionally get a pedicure.  No polish.

Well, this past Sunday a couple of my new Busan EPIK friends and I decided that we wanted to get our feet taken care of.  What better way than to visit Dr. Fish.

Some of you will like this and others will be completely over come with the urge to vomit into your mouth.  Dr. Fish is a coffee shop where you can order a cappiccino, eats some waffles, read a magazine, and stick your dogs into a tank with these little fish that eat necrotic flesh.  That's right, I said it.  They eat your feet.  Actually, the fish don't have teeth.  So they nibble away at the dry dead skin with their sucker shaped mouths.  When they are done, you are left with a fresh new layer of healthy skin.  Theoretically.

As you can see on your right, my feet are surrounded by this little fish.  Was I scared?  Not really.  Freaked out maybe.  The sensation feels a little like a low level electrical current moving over your skin.  The freaking out happens when you actually think about what they are doing.  Oh, and if you just look down.

Initially, my first response was to pull my feet out because it kind of tickles, um, tickles a lot.  But I am in Korea now and plan to have as many new experiences as I can handle.  Note to readers:  next week I am going to get a Fire Massage.

So anyway, Hannah, Sarah, Jen, Michael and I all stuck out the hour and got our feel cleaned.  Jen took a video but I don't know how to post a video to my blog yet.  You can find it on my facebook page under links.  Actually, let me see if this works.  Dr. Fish video


Maggie said...

Awesome. We need to put this on the itinerary for the EPIK orientation meetup in November!

Alex said...

Where was this? I've been trying to do Doctor Fish in Busan but I haven't seen any places.