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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye

I have a lot of catching up to do.  Fact.  My last official "night out" in Busan was better than I could have hoped for.  Me, Tresanna, Kim and Starbuck went to Gwangali for some Japanese Miso Ramen.  It was a little bland, but by far the best noodle soup I had in Busan.  Something about Miso (insert me so horny joke here).

After dinner we arrived in KSU and instead of going right to the going away party, we did the obligatory Family Mart drinks.  Insert coffee and soju directly into my blood stream now.

The part was sick!  Trey Yip put on his last show and allowed me to come up for the goodbye song.  At this point, let's say that I was having a hard time seeing because I had consumed too much. . . . The crowd sort of swayed back and forth as Trey belted
We get high
We get stoned
We sing songs
Far from home
I wish you the best on your travels

You could feel the love in the air.  Busan, for all that it is, is full of expats who exceed in the awesome and talent departments.

When Trey stepped back from the microphone and I started with a little beat box and then freestyle, I was overcome with emotions and feelings.  Part of it was the realization that I was leaving my new home.  Part of it was the energy from the crowd of about 250 people, and part of it was, well, I was wasted.

I sat down on the stage and kept freestyling.  Not sure of all of the content, but I am pretty sure I said something like:
We get high
we get stoned
we smoke week from a
makeshift bong
We're here today and
tomorrow we're gone
but in my heart
you'll be the song
pass me the bag
the big bag of weed
all of the green
none of the seeds
So let's get high together

There was a lot more to this night, but I am pressing fast forward in 3, 2, 1,
Maria- sorry for being stubborn
Christy- awesome conversation and the great escape
Sophie - time warp and light show!  Miss you girl, wish we had more time.
Cheryl- get to France you roaster.  How is is sunrise and how are we in Gwangali
Dougie - way to get a party started at 8 am
Kyle- I will see you in a desert some day.
George - What a grand experiment
Gabe- As always, a chill time
 Eva - dance like no one is looking
Stacy - I wish I knew you better and longer
Cheng Bang - What a great 2 years we had.  Where were you at sunrise?
Tresanna- You became my rock and I love you girl.  Thanks for being the kind of friend that accepts the good and the bad.
Trey and Karla - A man couldn't ask for more powerful souls to chill with in a place where the land turns to sand and kisses the sea.

Goodbye Busan.

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