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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Life Clock

Tick Tock
So says the clock as life slips 
We are but a collective collection of 
shared events
The moments spent 
Less real
Less tangible
Than those 
spent in the company
Of others
Tick tock
The remaining number of days in constant shock
Dropping by one with each morning breath of air
Dropping by two with those cigarettes
Dropping by 10 with high cholesterol
Dropping by 6 with this cheeseburger and fries
Dropping by 2 with this glass of beer
Increasing by 4 with this hour a week spent in the gym
Increasing by 12 with the love of a good woman
Increasing by 1 by taking the stairs
Increasing by 20 because I can afford medicine
Dropping by 18 because of that time in the desert
Increasing by 30 because I look forward to seeing you
Dropping by 11 when I fell alone

Tick tock
Time won't stop

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