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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In an Alley by the Road

Bangkok again. This place is becoming something of second home for me. Recently I made a trip back to the capital of Thailand in order to renew my Saudi Arabia Business Visa. Much of the city is a sprawling maze of Sois (side streets) and highways. Every visit to Bangkok is different from the time before, but there are a few things that remain the same.

My favorite part about being in Bangkok is having the ability to walk outside and venture down any giving Soi and find numerous food vendors with their homemade hawker carts. My ability to speak the Thai language is almost non existent except when it comes to discussing prices and getting what I feel is a good deal. Mostly I just point and order.

About 8 months ago I fell in love with one of the morning staples: uncured pork belly placed on a satay stick and then roasted over an open charcoal fire. There is a slight glaze of sweet spices coupled with the smokey flavor of the fire that makes this dish so enjoyable. These pork sticks are served with sticky rice. It is a common breakfast food for people on the go.

Whenever I am in an alley by the road looking for a morning treat, I find myself gravitating towards this delicious treat. As I sit here in the melancholy office of my job in Saudi Arabia, my mind drifts to the sights and smell of Bangkok's sois.

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